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November Match of the Month: Sarah & Malaya

Meet Big Sister Sarah and Little Sister Malaya; November’s Match of the Month! Sarah enrolled into the Big Brothers Big Sisters program because she always wanted a sibling, as she was the only child and wanted to give another child someone to talk with! In September of 2018 Sarah was matched with Little Sister Malaya in our Community Based Program.

Sarah and Malaya were matched based on their common interests of board and card games, Disney shows, music interests, crafts, and reading to name a few. Malaya was a quiet and shy little girl, but over the last 3 years she has become a strong, independent, and outgoing young lady. While together the two-love tackling new places, visiting Mickey’s Kingdom, playing with animals, swimming, and eating delicious foods!

When it comes to the Big and Little relationship, these two are “two peas in a pod,” but the guardian and Big relationship is just as good. Sarah and Bianca have developed a relationship like no other. Bianca stated that “Sarah has a lot going on with balancing school and a job, but she makes time to spend with her daughter and do the things she enjoys.” Bianca then added that Sarah and her have developed quite the Big and Little relationship as well. Sarah stated that “Bianca has helped her with questions regarding school, life, and just being a positive person in her life.” Over the past few months Malaya and Bianca have had challenging times and Sarah has been there for the family to help support, care, and step in to make sure her Little has every resource she needs.

When asked what they loved about their match, Sarah stated seeing Malaya grow and mature as she gets older. Sarah added that watching Malaya find her own personality and how their conversations have changed since being together has been great.

Malaya stated that she loves her Big Sister because she is always nice, makes her laugh, and they have fun when they are together.

If you’re interested in becoming a Big Sister like Sarah visit or call us at 812-425-6076!

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