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Step 1: Inquiry

Fill out the brief form so one of our Case Managers can contact you with more information.

Step 2: Tell Us About Your Child

Our Enrollment Manager will call to gather information and further educate you on our program.

Step 3: Home Interview/ Visit

Our Enrollment Manager will visit your home to learn more about your child and complete the interview process.

Step 4: Ready to Be Matched

Your child is ready to be matched with a Big Brother or Sister. We are actively looking for the perfect Big for your child, and like all great things, it takes time!

Step 5: Update

Our Enrollment Manager will make bi-annual contact for updates while we look for the perfect Big.

Step 6: Meet Your Big

Once someone has been found for your child, the Big and Case Manager will meet at your home, school, or other location to be introduced and begin their friendship.

You recognize the potential of your child better than anyone. By giving them the opportunity to be part of Big Brothers Big Sisters, you’re starting them down a path to an even brighter, more promising future. Big Brothers Big Sisters targets the children who need us most, including those living in single parent homes, growing up in poverty, and coping with parental incarceration. Due to an overwhelming need, we are currently only enrolling Little's who:
  • Are between ages 8-16 years old

  • Live in Vanderburgh, Warrick, Posey, Spencer, and Gibson Counties in Southwest Indiana, and Henderson County in Kentucky.


Regardless of whether your child is eligible for our programs, we will contact you within the next week. Please know there is a waiting list for our mentoring programs. We will do everything we can to find a mentor for your child as soon as possible, but all great things take time!



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