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July Match of the Month

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Little Sister La'Kaiyhla and Big Sister Katie  are about to celebrate one year of friendship in July!  On their first outing, La'Kaiyhla chose to eat at Rally's because she never gets to eat there with her family. What a treat! Then they played at Mickey's Kingdom and had a blast!

Since that time, they've had fun trying a variety of activities! Katie even made a scrapbook of all of their match outings together for her Little Sister's birthday.  La'Kaiyhla's grandmother said it was one of her all time favorite gifts! Way to go Katie!

But things haven't always been easy.  Covid-19 meant that they couldn't see each other as often as they'd like to and

communication was sometimes hard. But Katie pulled through and made sure to let La'Kaiyhla know through letters and cards how much Katie cared about her.  And Katie checked in on the family too!  Sometimes, she stopped by and said hello from outside. At first, La'Kaiyhla didn't like writing letters, but she was really proud of herself when she finally wrote that first one!  

Even now, Katie and La'Kaiyhla make sure to protect La'Kaiyhla's grandparents by wearing masks. But it sure doesn't stop their fun! These two have a GREAT time together even when it's getting ice cream at Zestos and running errands at the Dollar General store.

We can't see what these two do next year!

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