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You may remember Big Brother Aurian and Little Brother DJ from their match introduction a few weeks ago! 

These two are already off to a great start!  When DJ mentioned that he'd sure like a fire pit, Big Brother Aurian sprang into action! Using an old Home Depot gift card, the two shopped for supplies and DJ even helped carry some of the heavy pavers they needed. They picked their spot and got to work. Aurian says that DJ was "ALL IN" and did a great job listening and following instructions. Aurian and DJ also talked about how this is a marketable skill that DJ can sell to his neighbors that need a fire pit of their own! Look at that smile of satisfaction and accomplishment! 

Do YOU have a skill you can share with a young person in our community?  Volunteer to be a Big!

If you are interested in becoming a mentor like Aurian, visit

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