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MATCH UPDATE: Autumn and Deijha

Big Sister Autumn and Little Sister Deijha have been matched for close to 5 years. They've done all sorts of fun activities together, but right now, their biggest joy is just being able to hang out and "chill". The match most recently watched foreign films and enjoyed some junk food! Deijha says that she's been in trouble before, but those days are behind her. Autumn agrees that Deijha is a really great kid and she's lucky to be a part of Deijha's life.

Autumn encourages her Little Sister to explore her dreams, whether it's learning archery, becoming a chef or teaching English in Japan. Both Autumn and Deijha will tell you that the best match activity is just being able to spend time together, talking, laughing and "chilling".  

Do YOU have a skill you can share with a young person in our community?  Volunteer to be a Big!

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