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MATCH OUTING: Holiday World

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

On Sunday June 26, seven matches and assorted friends and family braved the weather on Saturday to go to Holiday World Splashin' Safari! Thankfully, the weather held off and a few matches were even able to stay from the parks 10am opening until the final fireworks closed the park at 8:45! Whew! That’s a long day! We had some Littles convince their Bigs to try the roller coasters and some Littles that wanted NO part in the coasters! We had Bigs

model “trying something new and scary” and Bigs that were supportive of Littles choice to enjoy more tame entertainment. And we’re not sure whether Bigs or Littles returned home more tired from a day of fun, swimming and riding!

It takes all kinds of Bigs to make our program work. Whether you’re young or... not as young, a risk-taker that likes coasters or careful & cautious, a swimmer or a land-lover, we have Littles that are waiting for someone just like you!

CLICK HERE for more photos.

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