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MATCH Moments

Match moments are our favorite things to share. Please read below to see what our matches are up to...

Little Antonio and Big Kent are enjoying their summer! Kent and Antonio went fishing for the past couple of outings! Antonio even caught his first fish ever!


Little Sister Zoey and Big Sister Teri had fun at Walther's Golf & Fun last week.

"It was nice to get out with my little sister Zoey so she could beat me at put-put, laser tag, and shopping for her birthday gift. Great day now I'm beat! Do you have 3 hours a month? Be a mentor. Be a Big." - Big Sister Teri


Big Sister Laura knows that it takes just a LITTLE time to make a BIG impact! She and her Little Deleah celebrated the 4th of July by making these sweet cupcakes AND they fit in a few hours creating beautiful pieces at Fired Up Joe Shmoe's Art Studio!


Check out Big Sister Heather and Little Brother Aleah! These two enjoyed visiting High Score Player Two: Classic Arcade and playing all types of games such as Aliens, Terminator, Mario Cart, and Ski Ball. Heather stated that her Little Brother beat her at most of the games! The two finished the night with ice cream at Milk & Sugar Scoop Shoppe!


Checkout LIttle Roberto! Big Brother Matthew shared that he and his Little Roberto went and played Putt Putt at Walther's Golf & Fun - Evansville, IN. This was Roberto's first time there and did a GREAT job! He then shared that they grabbed froyo at Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt and finished up at Honey Moon Coffee Co. where they played board games and talked!


"BreAle & I went to The Red Barn Farm yesterday and had the best time picking sunflowers! This is such an awesome place in our area if anyone is looking for something a little different to do. BreAle cut 6 flowers & gave them to her mom. Her birthday is Sunday, so we went to Build-A-Bear after that....she was a happy girl!" - Big Sister Shannon

Every child deserves to see their potential realized. Some just need an adult mentor--like you--to help defend that potential. Join us. Be a mentor.

Thank you for believing in the power of mentoring. Your gift helps ignite the potential in our current Littles, and helps us create new lifelong friendships. Together, we are defenders of potential.

Click here to make a difference today.

If you're interested in being a Big, visit or give our enrollment team a call at (812) 425-6076!

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