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Match Highlight: Kyle & Trevor

Meet Big Brother Kyle and Little Brother Trevor. These two were matched in 2019 as part of our site-based program at North Posey Jr. High School. Kyle was a Junior at the High School and Trevor a 7th grader at the time. The two met every Friday while school was in session talking, throwing a football with one another, playing games with other matches, and catching up on each other’s weeks and talking about their weekend plans.

In May of 2021 their match officially closed as Kyle was graduating from High School and his Little Brother was going into high school. Even after their relationship closed the two continued their relationship from afar. Kyle, a freshman at Murray State playing baseball, is busy, but still has time to check in with his Little and see how things are going. Kyle makes sure to text once a week to check in and see how Trevor is doing. Although Trevor doesn’t ask for much help with school, Kyle always offers. Trevor stated that he looks up to his Big Brother and is glad they are able to stay in contact!

Over Christmas break Kyle stopped by Trevor’s house to deliver some of his favorite snacks and a college t-shirt. Trevor let Kyle know that he looks up to him and cannot wait to watch him play on television. The two even talked about setting up a time for the family to come down and watch him play! How cool is that! Trevor made sure to have his Big Brother sign the t-shirt because he knows he will be famous one day and will have his autograph!

If you’re interested in becoming a Big Brother like Kyle visit or call us at 812-425-6076!

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