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Match Highlight: Danielle & Addyson

Meet Big Sister Danielle and Little Sister Addyson! These two were matched in our Community-Based program in July 2018! These two hit things off at the start with their outgoing personalities and shared interests and hobbies.

Danielle enrolled in the BBBS Program because she wanted to give back to her community and being a mentor was the right step. Danielle and Addyson share countless memories and continue to have fun and share in new experiences. You can catch this match going shopping, drinking Starbucks, rooting on the Thunderbolts and Otters, having movie nights, and self-care nights to name a few.

Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that make the BIGGEST impact. Addyson stated one of her favorite things to do with Danielle is go back to her house and watch a movie, do their nails, and make dinner. Danielle enjoys spending time with Addyson and watching their relationship grow.

Throughout their time together Danielle has helped Addyson with transitioning from elementary to middle school and all the fun things that come along with maturing. Addyson stated that “Danielle is someone she can talk to and get advice from without judgment… I trust her and feel safe with her.” This is very important in a mentoring relationship and it shows when their case manager checks in with all parties. Addyson’s mother states that Danielle is another member of their family and she tends to look to her for advice when she needs a younger perspective and someone that can relate to her daughter.

If you're interested in being a BIG like Danielle, visit or give our enrollment team a call at (812) 425-6076.

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