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MATCH ACTIVITY: Howell Wetlands

Big Brothers Big Sisters had another successful nature hike at Howell Wetlands last Sunday. Even veteran matches like Miss Eula and Jayla found something new to do, which isn't always easy when you're been matched for 9 years!

Each match was given a stack of color samples from a local hardware store. Then they were tasked with finding the best possible color match during their walk.

But they could only use things that were NATURE made! Man-made objects didn't count!

Some colors were easy to find, like dandelion yellow. Even purple proved easy to spot,

with the wildflowers and redbud trees in full bloom. But other colors . . . those were a bit more tricky. Little Sister Jordynn used her wits and her creativity to find a solution to her color problems, while her Big Sister Denise cheered her on! Little Sister Alyson had a mishap with her color swatches, but she and her Big Sister Jen still found quite a few of their colors!

All in all, it was a perfect sunny and warm day to spend time with a friend! And to make some new friends!

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