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Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Being in the woods has been associated with lower blood pressure, reduced stress and improved mood. It helps kids learn to appreciate the natural world around them. Plus hiking is a fantastic cardio workout! But many families and kids haven’t yet discovered the benefits of being in the woods. Thankfully, Big Brothers Big Sisters has a group of fantastic volunteers that are willing and able to expose their Little’s to the joy of a summer hike. Three matches were able to take part in an agency sponsored hike over the weekend at Audubon State Park in Henderson, KY.

Big Sister Emily brought her Little Gracie to her first ever hike and she did a great job of encouraging Gracie over hills. And even though Gracie doesn’t really like bugs, she was a trouper! Big Brother Matt also brought a hiking newbie to the match activity and his Little Brother Dee was the first to spot a deer peacefully feeding along the path. Dee did his best to hustle, and served as one of the unofficial hike leaders. When his case manager asked if he’d ever do a hike again, he said that he would! Big Sister Eula and Little Sister Jaylen, matched for almost 10 years, are #BBBSmatchgoals! And even though they have been on 2 agency sponsored hikes this year, but they still found new things to appreciate along the way.

All three matches were undeterred, despite temperatures close to 90 degrees. Our group hiked for a total of 2 miles, with plenty of hills thrown in there for good measure. Even though our Bigs and Littles chose to stop several times to check out nature, the view, and to take pictures, they still kept a pace of 2 miles per hour! That’s not too shabby!

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1 Comment

Aug 25, 2021

We had a great time on this hike, and on all of the hikes that we've done with other matches.😀

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