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MATCH ACTIVITY: Audubon State Park

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwestern Indiana had another successful hike at Audubon State Park in Henderson, KY! Each match worked as a team to find 18 Easter eggs that had been hidden in a grassy area of the park. They had to look high. They had to look low. They even had to ruffle some leaves in order to spot all of their eggs! Each Little that participated in the egg hunt went home with 18 boiled eggs to share with their family AND an Easter box filled with chocolate, candy and snacks!

After the hunt, matches joined Case Manager Heather and Intern Ciara on a 1 mile hike and scavenger hunt along the Eagle Glen Pet trail. Little Sister Allison shared some exciting news that her school tried to break the record for the most number of people using a fidget spinner at one time! Hopefully they make it into the record books! Big Sister Jennifer shared about the amazing photo album that she created for Little

Sister Allison. Not only is that incredibly thoughtful, but now Allison will always have a keepsake to commemorate their 2 years together! Way to go Jen!

Little Brother Khiryn diligently searched for everything on the scavenger hunt list and he earnestly wanted to know why "pine cone" was on the list when there weren't any pine trees along the trail! But he didn't let that get him down! Instead, he showed off his impressive balancing skills as he walked along some downed trees along the way. But Little Brother Khiryn wore himself out with all that climbing and walking. But Big Sister Leslie came to the rescue with a piggyback ride! We think she gets the Best Big Sister award for carrying a kid on her back while hiking UPHILL!

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