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MATCH ACTIVITY: Audubon State Park

On Sunday, November 8th five matches were able to enjoy nature and the beautiful weather during a 2.25 mile hike through Audubon State Park. We were lucky enough to have a warm day, which meant that we got to see some cool wildlife while we hiked. Littles observed a tree frog hopping through the leaves and turtles sunning themselves around the lake.  

Little Brother Weston and Big Brother David started out as our lead team and they did a fantastic job of making sure they walked at a pace everyone else could keep up with. And they showed the hallmark of great hike leaders every time they stopped to make sure the whole group was still together!  

Little Brother Joshwa had a hard time

containing his excitement, but he and his Big Brother John had a good conversation about erosion and how to control it as they walked along the lake shore. Joshwa usually has a LOT of questions and comments, and his Big Brother is always patient and thoughtful when he answers! Although Big Sister Denise and Little Sister Jordynn have only been matched a few weeks, you wouldn't know it by watching them interact!  They both wove through the group, happily talking to everyone and making everyone feel comfortable, even when we were going up hills!

The hike also provided Big Sister Sydney the opportunity to introduce her Little Sister Nevaeh to a brand new activity.  Nevaeh was a trooper though, even though it was a hot day AND she wore her mask!  Big Brother John and Little Brother Hayden took this  opportunity to have one of their many conversations and to catch up!

Each match  worked together as a team to complete an A-Z nature scavenger hunt, all in the hopes of winning a Starbucks gift card.  Our Littles really stepped up the competition and tried as hard as they could to make sure their team finished.  Each and every one of them used science, creativity and teamwork and a few even came up with something for the most difficult

letters J, K, Q and Z!  After seeing all of that effort, it was clear there wasn't just ONE winner!  Each Little earned the coveted Starbucks gift card for their participation!  

When matches weren't working towards the win, Bigs were able to chat with each other while their Littles raced along the trail.  And Littles burned off a TON of energy while making new friendships!  Conversation ranged from the use of microscopes to see zooplankton to which Hogwarts house someone belonged to!  Everyone was positive, supportive and encouraging!

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