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July Match of the Month: MEGAN & ALEXIS

Meet Big Sister Megan and Little Sister Alexis! They have been matched in our Community Based Program since December of 2018. When meeting each other for the first time, Alexis was shy and hid behind her mom, but once her Big Sister Megan talked about drawing – that easily subsided and the two became BEST FRIENDS instantly.

Megan enrolled into Big Brothers Big Sisters because she loves kids and wanted to be an influence on a younger child. She stated that “seeing children grow, learn, and enjoy life is the best part.” Megan heard about the program when BBBS came to her job at One Main to do a Lunch and Learn. Megan, a graphic designer, had many skills and qualities about her that she wanted to give back to a child and help foster and inspire their talents and hobbies; she did just that with Little Sister Alexis.

Megan and Alexis enjoy grabbing Starbucks, drawing, and spending time together. During COVID the two had to get creative since Big Sister Megan moved to Nashville for her job, but still wanted to stay matched and come back twice a month. The two had FaceTime calls, texting parties, and phone conversations. Once things slowly started opening back up the two found a routine of grabbing food, walking the mall, and playing in the arcade. While in the arcade, they would collect their tickets each time to save up to get something BIG. After months of saving the two cashed in their 2000+ tickets last week for a “plushie owl.” Little Sister Alexis surprised her Big Sister and gave it to her since she had the same one! What a heartwarming gesture from Alexis to her Big Sister. The two also enjoy painting and drawing so Megan had “Big and Little” t-shirts made and even customized some shoes for her Little Sister; which she wears proudly often.

When asked what was the most rewarding part of her match, Big Sister Megan stated “seeing the excitement on her Littles face and how much she does enjoy their time together, even if she doesn’t share/show it.”

Megan stated that Alexis' mom always touches base with her and lets her know how much fun she has and looks forward to their outings, which is reassuring. Little Sister Alexis stated that her favorite part about her match with Megan is “how much fun they have together playing in the arcade and drawing together.”

Megan said that the one bit of advice she would give to someone wanting to be a Big is “go into the relationship with an open mind and an open heart.

She said `let the kid be a kid and your role is to help encourage and foster that.” She then added that “going into the match with specific expectations can hinder a match and a child from being who they truly are so welcome them shyness and all.”

If you are interested in becoming a Big like Megan, visit

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