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Building a New Friendship, Month #1

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

First Match Photo

Big Sister Leslie and Little Brother Khiryn met for the first time at the end of January, 2021. But at the end of their very first outing, Leslie shared that it felt like they were already old friends! And Khiryn shared that getting to spend time with Leslie was "super good".

First, the pair looked through a list of suggested match activities and put a star by the things they both liked. A few activities, like making friendship bracelets, even rated 1000 stars! Khiryn was really excited to do a "selfie scavenger hunt" and they both enjoyed taking pictures! (See photos below)

Next, the match played at Mickey's Kingdom, and while Khiryn really hoped to stay longer, Leslie was a rock star at boundary setting, and she knew when to be firm. Finally, the match stopped off at a local coffee house where Khiryn tried a pineapple and coconut shake. Khiryn's mom did a great job coaching him about not asking for expensive things, so he was hesitant to order at first. But Big Sister Leslie let him know that buying him a shake fit into her budget.

Leslie shared that when she first signed up for the program, she wasn't sure about the 3 hour per month time commitment. But after meeting and spending time with Khiryn, she thinks their time together will fly by each month!

Stay tuned for more news on Leslie's and Khiryn's budding friendship! Join us for a month by month blog: Building a New Friendship with Leslie and Khiryn

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