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Big Spotlight: Kamie

Meet Big Sister Kamie! Kamie has been matched in our Community Based Program in Vanderburgh since January of this year! Kamie enrolled into the BBBS program because she wanted to be there for a youth and help them through their life!


We asked Kamie to share her thoughts on becoming a Big Sister in the program and mentors that she had along the way. Take a look on what she had to say . . . .


What inspired you to become a mentor through BBBS?

I grew up in a very large family and sometimes that can make you feel unseen. Dealing with a lot of hardship growing up made me realize how important it is to have as many positive role models as possible. Having people, I knew I could turn to is the only reason I have made it to where I am today. I want to be a part of helping kids to be able to reach their dreams and realize that they are important, and enough, just the way they are.

What were you most nervous about before you met your Little?

Just wondering if I was going to be the type of Big she was hoping for and hoping that we really clicked.

What was your first meeting like?

The first time we met she was quiet but she smiled a lot. (Which is funny now because she is quite talkative!) I remember being excited as we did a "Getting to Know each other" exercise because we have a lot in common and also NOT in common, which gives us a lot of things to teach each other.

What is your favorite memory that you and your Little have made together?

We like to go out and be active so we have gone out and played some type of sport/game anytime every time we have gone out. My favorite is more than one. We have gone and played basketball at multiple parks. The first time we went we played one on one (and she wiped the floor with me) but the next time we went we ended up in a pickup game with some kids from the neighborhood. My little rocked that game and it was the first time I got to see her look so confident in herself. It was an awesome thing to witness that confidence level change between the two outings.

Have you seen any changes in your Little since being matched?

Each time we go out she starts opening up to me more and more about her life and things that she wants to do. In the beginning I led all conversations, so this dynamic change has been fun! I love her leading the ideas of what she wants to do next. (Look out world for when I start posting about our cooking adventures!)

What is your favorite part of being matched?

Getting to do fun things with this awesome girl who is WAY cooler that she realizes she is. She likes to do a lot of things I loved as a child so I get to take a break from adult life and remember the things that made life so great when I was younger.

"As adults I think we forget that sometimes that we are allowed to do things just because they make us happy."

What has been the hardest part of being matched?

It is going to sound cliché but there hasn't been anything "hard" about my match. My littles family is great and I have been involved in going to sporting events and we always have good talks after we go out. My little is always ready to try new things and we always have a good time. The hardest part is not wanting to do ALL the things!

Do you ever feel discouraged in your match and how do you overcome that? 

I have never felt discouraged during my times with my match.

What has your Little taught you about life?

She has helped me take a step back and remember what life was like as a kid and what things really matter. I have started to really think about what things in my life hold value because our current world is so busy. When I am out with my little I put the rest of the world on pause and it has been such a great reminder for me to stop and live in the moment. Life does not need to be serious all of the time. If more people were able to have time to slow down and just enjoy the people around them, we would all live much happier lives.

Who was your mentor?

My first mentor in my life, aside from the strong sister's bond, was a wonderful teacher I had, Mrs. Diane Meredith.

How did they impact you?

When I started Mrs. Meredith's class I was going through some of the hardest times in my life. I was not in a good place mentally and for some reason she saw something in me. She took time to learn about my family, help me when I was struggling, gave me paid work outside of school when she knew I was trying to save up money for college, and would sit with me after and talk about life. Never once did I ever feel judged and ALWAYS I was made to feel valued. She is the reason I decided I wanted to go into education and help children learn while also making sure they knew how important they were, just as they are. To this day she cheers me on anytime she sees me post anything positive that I do or absolutely anything about me being happy. I was in her classroom almost 20 years ago and I have never stopped being her student. My life is truly better because she is in it.


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