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Big Brother Jeff & Little Brother Xavier

Big Brother Jeff and his Little Brother Xavier have been matched since June of this year. Jeff works for Bowen Engineering.

Jeff decided to become a Big because he knew he could make a difference. He said that he also feels blessed in his life and wants to make a difference in others’ lives. Jeff told me that our Executive Director, Andrew Backes encouraged Jeff to become a Big. Additionally, Jeff said, “I thought the timing was perfect for me to become a Big because my youngest of four children just started college and I am very passionate about helping young people.”

Since Jeff and Xavier have been matched, they have done many exciting things together. During one of their first outings, they attended Bowl for Kids’ Sake. It was there that Jeff told Xavier that if he could get a strike while bowling, Jeff would take him to a Pacers game. Long story short, Jeff and Xavier went to a Pacers game in December! They had so much fun that they are planning to go to another game before the season is over. They have also gone to football games, been shooting, and have ridden bikes together! Jeff is always there for Xavier, whether it is to talk about life or cheer Xavier on his football and basketball games. Jeff has also helped Xavier get a gym membership and has gone with Xavier to work out. Jeff is constantly encouraging Xavier to be the best version of himself possible, and Xavier looks up to Jeff.

Being a Big has taught Jeff many valuable lessons. Jeff said, “Being a big brother has reminded me how blessed I was to have so many mentors in my life to help me to achieve my potential. Being a Big Brother has reminded me how critical it is for a young person to have people in their lives who want to help them. Being a big brother has taught me that the most important gift you can give to another person is your time. Being a big brother has taught me the challenges that single mothers face every day. Being a Big has inspired me as I have gotten to know my little Xavier. Every time we are together, I am blown away at how mature and spiritually committed Xavier is for a 12-year-old. Xavier‘s mother, grandma, other family members, and teachers have all had a tremendous impact on who Xavier is today.”

For those who are thinking of becoming a Big or are in the process, Jeff suggests not overthinking about what activities you will do with your Little but remembering that spending time with your Little is the most important. He said, “In my experience with my little Xavier, he enjoys the two of us grabbing lunch together just as much as going to a Pacers basketball game.”

If you are interested in becoming a Big Brother Like Jeff visit

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