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Big Sister Cindy and Little Sister Nikki have been matched for seven years. Prior to that, they were a site-based match for a year.

Nikki and Cindy have many common interests. They both love books, sports, and movies. On many outings, they end up going to eat and then to Barnes and Noble to look at books. Cindy said, “I think the most valuable contribution that I have made to Nikki is friendship. We often discuss the qualities that make for a good friend. Our mantra is, to have a good friend, you must be a good friend.”

Recently, Nikki and Cindy have been working on preparing for after graduation. Cindy took Nikki on a tour at the University of Southern Indiana, helped her apply, and then helped make sure that Nikki got in. Nikki has since been accepted at USI, and she plans to study radiology. Additionally, Nikki is hoping to get an apartment with her friends. Through this process, Cindy helped Nikki look at potential obstacles and solutions to those obstacles. Finally, Cindy has been encouraging Nikki to work toward getting her driver’s license, so she becomes more independent.

Cindy said that throughout their match, Nikki has matured and grown into a wonderful person. “I have watched her gain confidence, be more assertive with her ideas and develop a can-do attitude. She also has a very strong work ethic.”

Cindy said that being in the program has taught her “How critically important interpersonal relationships are. Nothing is more impactful or rewarding than spending time together and sharing your lives.”

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