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Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Little Brother De’Avion & Big Brother Blake

Meet Big Brother Blake, a member of the Evansville Police Department and a BIG through our Bigs with Badges Program. Blake wanted to be part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters family back in 2017 because he wanted to give back to the community and make a positive impact. Blake had positive roles models growing up through his coaches and a local police officer and wanted to do the same thing for a youth in the Evansville community.

In October of 2017 Blake was matched in our Site Based Program out of a local Elementary School with Little Brother De’Avion. Little Brother De’Avion struggled with school, his behavior, and attitude at home. While together Blake and De’Avion worked on his attitude with the skills and techniques Blake instilled in their weekly outings, worked on homework, talked about life, and developed a lasting relationship. At their one year mark De’Avion and Blake transitioned to our Community Based Program where they were able to do things out in the community! They took up boxing, swam at the YMCA, played games, and most of all grabbed some grub and had meaningful conversations.

Through behavior issues at home and school one thing has been consistent and that’s Blake. He has worked hand in hand with De’Avion’s guardian by giving support when needed, a listening ear, and just being an outlet for his Little Brother. De’Avion’s guardian states that “Blake is part of the family now after nearly 3.5 years ... when something is going on with De’Avion she knows she can reach out and Blake is there for her son.”

When asked what he has learned from his Big Brother, De’Avion stated that “Blake’s taught him to think before he reacts and gives him tools to accomplish that.” What a great skill to teach his little brother!

If you are interested in becoming a Big like Blake visit

Bigs with Badges - This program connects our youth with law enforcement and first responders in our community who care most about kids in our community. Learn more.

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