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BBBS Hires Match Support Specialist

Updated: Jan 11

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwestern Indiana is thrilled to announce we have hired Mikayla Mack as a Match Support Specialist!

Mikayla recently joined the BBBS team and is excited to bring her skills and specialties to our ever-expanding staff. Her job duties will include being a matchmaker between both big and little candidates, as well as interviewing volunteers and families to create the perfect matches for mentorship.

Mikayla is originally from Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and is an alumni of the University of Southern Indiana. Mikayla is often described by others as empathetic, observant, and passionate. In life, Mikayla lives by the words of her favorite quote: “it is better to be proactive instead of reactive.”

When asked about why she wanted to join Big Brothers Big Sisters, Mikayla had this to say: “It is important to me to always be a positive and reassuring adult to any child that I meet, and working for a company whose biggest mission is to defend and serve all children really is such a pleasure.”

Growing up, Mikayla wanted to be either a cardiovascular surgeon or a lawyer. Her favorite movie is “Slumdog Millionaire,” and her favorite kids’ movies are “The Emperor’s New Groove” and “A Goofy Movie.” In her free time, Mikayla enjoys dancing as well as relaxing at home. Lately, she has found joy in a series of paintings by Gotte, which feature hamsters in everyday situations. 

Recently for the holiday season, Mikayla kept up a tradition with her partner where they add a new ornament to their Christmas tree. This year, their new ornament was an air fryer. 

Welcome to the team Mikayla!


To learn more about Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwestern Indiana, or the possibility of being a mentor or volunteer, visit

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