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April Match of the Month: Becky & Bella

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Meet one of Big Brothers Big Sisters amazing volunteers! Becky is a speech and language pathologist at Deaconess Gibson Hospital in Princeton, although she originally hails from Illinois. When she relocated to this area, she wanted to feel like she was a part of the community and volunteering her time was important to her. Becoming a Big Sister was a good fit and she was matched with Little Sister Bella in July 2020.

Being matched as a Big Sister is a wonderful experience, but it isn't always easy, especially in the middle of a pandemic! Becky says that one of the hardest things was actually building the relationship. They had to spend a lot of time at the beginning of the match just getting to know one another better! But Becky has been patient throughout the process, which has given Bella the time that she needs to feel more comfortable. Becky also did something else that is truly the hallmark of a FANTASTIC Big Sister. She has always been consistent and she sees Bella twice a month, no matter what. Becky says that one of the best parts of this experience has been finding things that she and Bella have in common!

Becky and Bella have bonded over making fleece tie blankets, doing nails, sewing, having dinner together and shopping at Barnes and Noble! And she has some great advice for Bigs just being matched in the program.

"Don't feel obligated to plan lavish, exiting outings each time you hang out. The small things go a long way."

Another important aspect of being successfully matched is the ability to celebrate the small wins in her match, like the first time Bella felt comfortable enough asking Becky to do a certain activity! Sometimes these smaller things are easy to miss, but they're just as important as the bigger goals a match has!

Although most Bigs choose to volunteer in order to give back to the community, becoming a mentor to a child will impact your life as well! Becky says that the experience has helped her put things into perspective. She's always reminded to be grateful for everything she has. She also says that regardless of how busy she gets or how pressed for time she is, " just a couple hours of my time goes a long way." And when she needs motivation to get back out there for another match outing, she always reminds herself

"This relationship and this friendship with my little can make a big difference in her life. In the end I won't remember the couple hours a month that I didn't have to myself but I will remember the relationship I formed."

Even great matches can't be perfect all the time though! When asked what she'd do differently about her match if she had the chance, Becky shared that she would, "Lower my expectations for myself. The small simple outings are are just as important, if not more important. It's about building a friendship/relationship not about entertaining your little." She's absolutely right and she stated that beautifully! Big Brothers Big Sisters says a big THANK YOU to Becky for being a part of our program!

If you are interested in being a MENTOR like Becky and igniting the power and promise of a child in the Tri-State visit TODAY!

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