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What BBBS means to Emily & Cori'Ann

Updated: May 26, 2021

Big Brothers Big Sisters challenged matches to come up with an essay between 150-500 words using different prompts such as "What does BBBS mean to me, What I like about my Big/Little, and the best part about having a Big/Little is ..." Our matches didn't disappoint as they put their thinking caps on and used their creative writing skills.

Big Sister Emily and Little Sister Cori'Ann, a Henderson county match, were the winners of the essay contest. The match has been together for 3 months. In their essay they talked about what the match means to them and how Little Sister Cori'Ann is growing throughout her time with Emily.

"What Big Brothers and Big Sisters means to me is growth, friendship, and service. For the growth, it helps me be who I want to be. It helps me to be the best version of myself. It makes me grow in confidence. What brings out the best in others is finding areas where we can grow and encourage each other to try new things. Through Big Brothers Big Sisters, I have grown in new friendship, new experiences, and I have grown within a new community. One of my favorite things we did was make Valentine’s Day cards for local nursing home residents. It makes me feel happy when everybody is happy, and it was fun to spread some joy. What I like about having a Big Sister is having new things to try and expanding my comfort zone. I am excited to continue trying new things, growing in our friendship, and serving others"

If your interested in being a Big like Emily and making an impact on a child in the tristate area visit us at and enroll today or give our office a call at 812-425-6076 ext. 1.

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