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Staff Spotlight: Amanda Metzger

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

When you enroll a child, or become a mentor yourself, Amanda is the one who introduces you to our organization. As the agency’s Enrollment Manager, Amanda is responsible for all child and volunteer enrollment, and matches the children and volunteers together.

After living in Evansville for most of her life, she attended the University of Southern Indiana for both her Bachelors and Master’s degrees in social work. Before coming to BBBS, Amanda worked in the social work field for almost 9 years.

“I want all kids to experience kindness and love and grow in an environment that they are cared for in. They should be celebrated for their uniqueness. If I can be a support for someone and help them see their potential, then I’m all in!”

Amanda started working for BBBS in April 2018. She started out in Case Management, working with volunteers and children to ensure overall success in their relationship. Earlier this year, she transitioned to the front end of our process and focuses on child and volunteer enrollment as they begin their journey with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Since she has worked on enrollment and match support, Amanda thoroughly understands the ins and outs of our entire program.

“Since working for Big Brothers Big Sisters, I have seen dozens of children come out of their shells. It’s amazing to see the change that a Big makes when they consistently meet with a child. My favorite part is finding Bigs and Littles with similar interests and using those interests to make a significant change in the long run.”

During her free time, Amanda likes to take on a variety of adventures. When she isn’t relaxing at home with her family and three cats, Amanda enjoys spending time at the beach, trying different restaurants, and tackling the newest escape room. She is by far one of the most adventurous staff members at BBBS and is always willing to try something new.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Big, visit

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