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A Little About a Little - Zane

Did you know that over 90 local children are waiting for a mentor through Big Brothers Big Sisters? They all have different background stories, but the one thing they share is the need for a caring mentor to stand up and defend their potential. By spending just 3 hours a month, our mentors create stability by being a consistent figure they can look up to and confide in. It only takes a little time to make a big difference.

Future Little Brother Zane is waiting on the perfect Big to come into his life. He is twelve years old and loves scary movies and listening to rock music ------- Breaking Benjamin is one of his favorites! Zane wants to be a police officer when he's older so that he can help people!

When asked about his future Big, Zane said he was excited to play games with them and wants a Brother that is nice and can take him on adventures. He enjoys doing indoor activities, like playing video games, and outdoor activities, like playing basketball! He is looking forward to having someone that he can spend time with!

This little guy is excited to take on adventures with his Big!

This is just one of the dozens of children we have waiting on someone to defend their potential. Learn more about how you can help children like Zane at

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