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Building a New Friendship, Month #2

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

The Continuing Adventures of Leslie and Khiryn...

Leslie and Khiryn have been fantastic about making use of Big Brothers Big Sisters sponsored activities! Not only is this a way for matches to meet and make friends with other matches, but it's easy on the budget too! Now that Covid numbers are down in our area, BBBSSWI strives to have at least 2 different match activities to choose from each month because money should NEVER be a barrier to mentoring a child in our community.

For their second outing together, Leslie signed the match up for cookie decorating. And Khiryn couldn't wait to share about his next planned activity during his very first match

support call with his Case Manager. He had big plans for how he wanted to decorate his cookies and how to eat them too! Leslie and Khiryn worked as a team to divide, decorate, and enjoy their allotted cookies. And their creativity FLOWED!

They also took advantage of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Easter egg Hike at Audubon State Park! Khiryn and Leslie showed up ready for fun with a football to toss around, but they only managed to throw it around a few times. Because all the while, Khiryn's attention was focused elsewhere. He tried his best to see where the eggs were being hidden! Thankfully he didn't see all of our hiding spots!

He and Leslie had to look pretty hard to find some of those eggs that were well concealed in the leaves. Leslie gave hints that were just good enough to lead Khiryn to the right spot without totally giving it away. And Khiryn showed that he was ready to lead by stomping into the wooded area in search a few that he couldn't spot from the grassy area.

After the egg hunt, the match strolled through the woods on a 1 mile hike. Leslie did a great job of incorporating some natural history questions into their walk to make it interesting AND educational for Little Brother Khiryn! They worked together to find all of the items on their scavenger hunt, but unfortunately, there were some things on the list that they just couldn't find. There was nary a pinecone to be found on the trail we walked, but that didn't stop them from hunting for one! Khiryn also showed off his impressive balance skills while walking across a few downed trees. And Big Sister Leslie was right there acting as a spotter in case he slipped or lost his balance!

Leslie and Khiryn now officially have "their spot" according to Khiryn, which is the coffee house the match went to on their very first outing! He made sure to let Leslie know before they drove away from the park that he really wanted his favorite drink, a pineapple coconut shake!

Join us next month to find out what Leslie and Khiryn have been up to during their 3rd month as a Big Brothers Big Sisters match! Join us for a month by month blog: Building a New Friendship with Leslie and Khiryn

If you are interested in becoming a Big Sister Like Leslie visit

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