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Big Spotlight: LeeAnn

Meet Big Sister LeeAnn. LeeAnn has been matched in our Community Based Program in Vanderburgh County since April 2023 with Little Sister Kaleigh. LeeAnn works at Liberty Federal Credit Union. LeeAnn decided to become a Big Sister because she wanted to do something to help youth in the community.

We asked LeeAnn to share her thoughts on becoming a BIG Sister in the program and mentors that she has had along the way. Take a look on what she had to say ...

What inspired you to become a mentor through BBBS?

I had been a BIG years ago and enjoyed the relationship. It's a great 1 on 1 experience and always exciting to think about impacting a childs life for the better.


What were you most nervous about before you met your Little? 

Not knowing if she would be interested in the same things and how we would connect.


What was your first meeting like? 

It was fun and exciting. We met and sat outside working on a questionnaire to get to know each other. We liked a lot of the same things!


What is your favorite memory that you and your Little have made together? 

"We painted pottery together, and now when I look at my piece, it reminds me of that evening."


Have you seen any changes in your Little since being matched? 

Kaleigh is more open, and has gained confidence in herself.


What is your favorite part of being matched?

I’ve really enjoyed learning new things from her!


What has been the hardest part of being matched?

Seeing each other enough and staying in touch. My Little is not a big texter!


Do you ever feel discouraged in your match and how do you overcome that? 

I do but then I remember that any growth is good and every relationship has its seasons.


What has your Little taught you about life?

That the simple things are the most fun!


Who was your mentor and how did they impact you?

I've had many people that influenced me over my life. If I had to pick one, it would be my Grandmother. She taught me to be my best self and be true to who I am.


If you're interested in being a BIG like LeeAnn, visit or give our Director of Enrollment & Recruitment Heather Hicks a call at (812) 425-6076 ext. 1 or send her an e-mail at

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