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Big Brother Brad is originally from Evansville and attended the University of Evansville. Brad became interested in Big Brothers because he likes getting the perspective of the younger generation and learning their view of the world in order to know how to best help them.

"Kids are important because they are our future and will be taking care of us one day, so we need to take care of them,” he says.

Conscious, patient, and empathetic, Brad was especially drawn to becoming a mentor. His Little Austin has a lot of energy, interests, and a good heart. He enjoys getting to know him and learn what challenges kids are facing today that they did not have when he was younger, particularly in terms of setbacks due to technology.

He was inspired to be a mentor due to the loss of his father who was impactful to him. He also does not currently have kids to pass on his father's wisdom or knowledge.

Brad stated he is looking forward to being a good male role model for Austin! If you are interested in becoming a mentor like Brad, visit

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