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2020 Mentoring Month

Thank you to all of our Bigs who helped us spread the word and the impact of mentoring.

We had a good time at Eastland Mall. Thanks for stopping by to say hi! January is national mentoring month, ask us how you can get involved - or call us at 812-425-6076

(Bigs) Mackenzie and Ryan took (Little) JJ to the Aces game last Saturday, and he had a blast!

"The reason why Ryan and I started mentoring and why it is important to us is because we wanted the opportunity to hopefully make a positive difference in someone else's life." ~ Mackenzie

“Becoming a big sister is one of the best decisions I’ve made. I am so grateful to have Olivia as my little sister! We always bring out the best in each other every time we’re together. While she has already taught me so much, my hope is to have a positive impact on her life and be there for her always.” ~Megan DiVenti

You can register for our Evansville Bowl for Kids' Sake event at

"I am a mentor because I enjoy seeing her grow as my Little Sister and as an individual! She has so much potential in life and I'm glad I get to be apart of her journey!"

"I mentor in order to make a POSITIVE difference in my little's life, and to help her reach her FULL potential." ~Eula

If you are interested in becoming a mentor like Eula, visit

Big (Jennifer) and Little (Allyson) with their dog Andrew who they walked at Cardio for Caines on Saturday! The two enjoy going every Saturday or every other Saturday as well as making crafts at Home Depot!

If you are interested in becoming a mentor like Jennifer, visit

(Big) Slater and (Little) Kyran love to play basketball together.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor like Slater, visit

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