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University of Evansville: Change program

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Indiana is always looking to expand its reach and improve the depth of its impact within the community. As a part of meeting this goal, Amanda Redenbaugh, the BB BS Marketing Coordinator, has partnered with students at the University of Evansville for a detailed writing and marketing campaign to benefit Bigs and Littles alike.

The University of Evansville offers students

experiential learning opportunities through their Changemaking programs, called ChangeLabs. ChangeLabs are semester-long courses in which students create positive change for business, nonprofits, and the community. Students are guided by their professors and meet with professionals in their project’s industry to complete real-world projects with tangible results.

The group currently partnered with Big Brother Big Sisters is made up of 5 UE students in Dr. Lisa Nikolidakas’ Social Responsibility ChangeLab. The group consists of three seniors and one junior. Dallas Carter is a journalism and multimedia major with a minor in creative writing. Brock Storey, is a creative writing major and Abigail Wright is a writing major. Gabby Mancuso is a creative writing and art therapy double major.

The students’ strategies and deliverables will be implemented throughout their semester and continue being used by Big Brothers Big Sisters after their school year concludes. We are excited to have the group’s fresh perspective and voice to help continue our mission of creating and supporting one-to-one mentoring relationships and igniting the power and promise of youth.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Big, visit

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