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February Match of the Month

Mikaela, originally from Terre Haute, relocated to Evansville to attend the University of Southern Indiana. While in high school, Mikaela participated in Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Wabash Valley’s site based program and fell in love with one to one mentoring. Transitioning to her college lifestyle she wanted to give back to the community and make an impact in a young girl’s life, because she sees the importance.

Mikaela and Lorelei were matched in March of 2017 and since then things have been nothing but adventurous and perfect. The two enjoy going to musicals hosted by the University of Southern Indiana, where Mikaela attends, because the pair enjoy the theater as have a passion for the arts. Mikaela stated that the wait for the perfect little was worth it because they have so much in common from the music they listen too, personal traits, and the shows they watch on TV. Mikaela and Lorelei continue to see each other weekly where they catch up, hang out at USI’s campus and explore the college dining experience, and their annual trip to Holiday World at the start of the school year. One thing that Mikaela has noticed in her little since being matched is Lorelei’s maturity and the young woman she has grown into. The two have developed a bond that goes farther than a Big and Little relationship, it is more friendship and a sisterhood that cannot be broken.

Mikaela stated “Seeing Lorelei go through the adolescent to teenage stage and finding her independence has been great to watch.”

When asked what the Big Brother Big Sister program has taught her, Mikaela said “the importance of being involved with the youth.” She then stated that you become a young adult that is relatable and cool, which helps build the confidence in a child as well as offering stability. Mikaela stated that not only has felt like she made an impact in a child’s life, the program has given her the stability as a young college student, but has someone to depend on her and giving her purpose. Mikaela would like to encourage college age woman to get involved in the program and make a difference.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor to a child, like Mikaela, visit us online at or give us a call at 812-425-6076.

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