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December Match of the Month: Allison & Royce

Consistency is key when building a mentoring relationship. But consistency can also be life changing!

Big Sister Allison met her Little Brother Royce in March of 2021, and since that time, they’ve barely missed a week of seeing each other! They’ve had dozens of grand adventures that Allison has planned out, like going to Holiday World Splashin Safari. The match had a great time together and Royce got to try a few roller coasters. He was initially a little hesitant, but Allison was encouraging and supportive the whole time. After trying

each coaster one time, he asked if they could do them all again!

But Allison has also done a phenomenal job of taking advantage of agency sponsored events. Together, she and Royce have helped clean trash out of Wesselmann’s Park on Earth Day, jumped at Skyzone, gone to a Thunderbolts game and the Halloween party.

Most recently, they took advantage of the free Shriner’s Circus tickets. This may have been one of their grandest adventures so far because they had the opportunity to ride one of the elephants! AND Royce got to check something off of his Bucket List! But they weren't done expanding Royce's horizons. After the circus, Allsion took Royce to the Gerst Bavarian Haus to try some authentic German food!

Royce, according to his Big Sister, is friendly and personable with everyone. She loves being matched with Royce and says that he inspires her. The feeling is mutual. Royce and his mom are always quick to talk about how much they love Allison too!

If you’re interested in becoming a Big Sister like Allison visit or call us at 812-425-6076!

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