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Couples Match: Mackenzie & Ryan

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Meet Mackenzie and Ryan with their Little Brother, JJ. These two have been in a couples match with Little brother JJ for 3 ½ years. JJ, Mackenzie, and Ryan enjoy group activities as well as one-on-one time where they go fishing, golfing, jumping at SkyZone, and eating fun new foods. Little brother JJ states that he enjoys his time with both his Bigs because they have fun together doing new things! Mentoring with your partner allows a little more resources and experiences to learn from.

Mackenzie and Ryan started the process to be a couples match after they were inspired by her older sister, who had a Little Brother, and brought him around to a lot of their family functions. They both wanted to make an impact within their community and thought what a better way than mentorship! When asked what she enjoys most about her time with JJ, Mackenzie stated "watching his walls come down" and Ryan stated "building that trust and comfortability." There are times in their relationship where JJ and Ryan go out on their own and fish on the family farm and grab some food, and other times Mackenzie and JJ will do their own thing as well. JJ talks about all the fun things they do when he talks with his case manager during their check in's and all the things he would like to do together in the future like attending the circus, trying new places / things, and enjoying their time together!

"The reason why Ryan and I started mentoring and why it is important to us is because we wanted the opportunity to hopefully make a positive difference in someone else's life." ~ Mackenzie

Are you interested in learning more about being a couple’s match like Mackenzie and Ryan visit and ENROLL TODAY!

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