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Little Tyler & Big Brother Tegan

Meet Big Brother Tegan, he works as a Copywriter for The Basement, an advertising agency. We are thankful he is a Big at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwestern Indiana.

Tegan decided to become a big because he wanted to be there to support a child who might not have that support elsewhere. Tegan and his Little Brother Tyler were matched in May 2021. The match has had a few ups and downs, but Tegan has stuck by Tyler to support him, and Tyler has learned so much as a result. Tegan and Tyler have been enjoying playing sports, playing arcade games, and getting to know each other better. Tegan’s favorite thing about being a big to Tyler is that they are able to do a variety of things with a good balance. Tegan and Tyler can have fun at the arcade, but also are able to have serious conversations.

Big Brother Tegan and Little Brother Tyler also enjoy coming to match activities and fundraisers. Recently, they had a blast at Bowl for Kids' Sake and then again at our Open Gym match activity! At the Open Gym, Tegan helped Tyler learn how to hold a pool stick and they enjoyed playing soccer together.

Tegan’s Words of Wisdom for people who want to become a big would be that you don’t have to fix a kid’s problems, you just need to show up, support them, and help them through those problems.

If you are interested in becoming a Big Like Tegan visit

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