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Big Spotlight: Laura

Updated: May 9, 2023

Although there are many wonderful and meaningful ways to volunteer in our community, Laura was drawn to Big Brothers Big Sisters. She says, "I chose to volunteer with BBBS because I saw the need for many youth in our community to have positive mentors. Children are our future and I wanted to help make a difference in a child's life to help them to achieve their full potential. Our youth can do amazing things if they are given the support and tools they need to succeed."

Her Little Sister Catty was super shy when they first met in 2019. Since then, she has seen Catty blossom into a more confident, vocal young woman. Laura never misses an opportunity to explore community resources with Catty and she pushes Catty to be her best. The match recently worked on a piñata for an EVPL Hispanic Heritage Month competition and Catty won a tablet!

Laura also enjoys meeting new people and building lasting relationships, which makes Big Brothers Big Sisters the perfect fit. BBBS asks for a minimum of a one year commitment, but many Bigs enjoy the experience so much that they choose to stay matched for years! Laura and Catalina just celebrated 4 years!

There's never a shortage of fun for these two! They stay busy. Whether it's creating a winning poster for 4-H, going to Fired Up to paint pottery, chilling with Catty's siblings at Laura's family farm, carving pumpkins at Halloween, or making a piñata.

Laura says, "I realized how easily I can make a difference in my Little Sister's life just by sharing my time and talents with her".

Sometimes though, Laura is surprised at how many people don't realize that Big Brothers Big Sisters serves Gibson County! She's always quick to share her experience as a Big and encourage others to get involved.

When asked what she wants new volunteers to know, she says, "I would encourage the Big to keep an open mind and embrace the differences between yourself and your little. Embracing differences opens new doors to experiences you may enjoy together. Try new activities she likes because there is so much you can learn from your Little!"

Thank you Laura for being a mentor and advocate!

Click here to watch their story.

If you're interested in being a Big like Laura, visit or give our enrollment team a call at (812) 425-6076!

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