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Big Spotlight: Jesse

Big Brother Jesse and Little Brother Logan have been matched since June of 2021. Jesse works for the Evansville Police Department, so he is a participant in the Bigs with Badges program. He heard about Big Brothers Big Sisters because his Field Training Officer, Blake Hollins, is a Big. Jesse became a Big because he wanted to have a healthy outlet from law enforcement and to also have a positive impact on a kid in the Evansville community.

Logan and Jesse enjoy trading Pokemon cards, going to sporting events, eating out, and just spending time together. Since being matched, Jesse said that he has seen Logan’s confidence improve, but also Logan has improved in his academics. Logan’s confidence has grown so much that he volunteered to play a Christmas song at the Big Brothers Big Sisters Holiday Party. Jesse said, “I bring an open ear for him to talk to. I also bring encouragement that he can do anything he puts his effort into.”

A recent story from Jesse: “Logan has a fear of heights. I give him a hard time about pushing himself to slowly expose himself to it to get over it. We were at the zoo at the Hippo approaching the bridge (it’s a bit high and moves as you walk across). He totally chickened out (wasn’t going to force him of course), so he went back the other way. When I got around the other side, he wasn’t there! Then I heard him yelling to come over from inside the loop. He was halfway across the bridge! He just needed me to step away for a minute to build the confidence. He proceeded to walk back and forth a couple more times before we moved on.” Jesse was very proud of Logan for facing his fear!

To those considering become a Big, Jesse’s biggest advice to just be yourself. “These kids are looking for a friend, mentor, brother/sister, confidant, etc. You don’t have to do any outlandish things to impress them.” Well said, Jesse!

If you're interested in being a Big like Jesse, visit or give our enrollment team a call at (812) 425-6076!

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