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Big Brother Christian is originally from Newburgh but currently resides in Evansville. Christian became a volunteer after attending an information session at his work.

Christian was especially drawn to become a mentor because of the television show Arthur. Christian saw that Arthur’s friend, Buster, had a Big Brother that he idolized and he wanted to be that for someone. Being the oldest of his siblings, he didn’t have that Brother to look up to and wanted to give a child in the community that opportunity. Last November, Christian was given that opportunity when he was matched with his Little Brother Hunter. In their time together, the two enjoy going to Subway to chat and catch up about each other’s’ lives, visiting comic book stores, and exploring new places in Evansville. Christian stated that Hunter allows him to be a kid again by telling funny stories, watching YouTube videos that make them laugh, and random conversations that they have as a match.

“What I enjoy most about Big Brothers Big Sisters is the opportunity to learn from someone else that is younger than me," he says. "It allows me to be that person Hunter looks up to as a role model and listening ear.”

Christian stated this is one of the greatest experiences that he has ever gone through and the adventures he has taken with his Little are some of the best! If you are interested in becoming a mentor like Christian, visit

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