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April Match of the Month

(Big) John and (Little) Hayden have built a solid friendship through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Both John and Hayden love to be active and they love outdoor activities. But in order to follow social distancing guidelines, they've put their fishing trips, YMCA workouts, Zoo visits, and hikes on pause. And because the internet connection can be tricky where he lives, John decided to go old-school and write his Little Brother an old-fashioned letter. He included a list of several activities that he would enjoy, and he asked his Little Brother to rank them in order of what seemed most fun. John included a self addressed, stamped envelope so Hayden has everything he needs to send his own match activity ideas!

Johns list of several activities that Hayden would enjoy

John and Hayden at the 4h fair

Hayden's first fish

John and Hayden at a USI Basketball Game

Hayden stylin' on the Kubota

A day at the zoo

John also provided us with this photo... A photo with his past Little's Aron, Jimmy and John at the 50th anniversary dinner last year.

I have spoken with both of them in the last couple days. They are both Adulting pretty well at this time. Darn proud of them. - (Big) John

If you are interested in becoming a mentor to a child, like John, visit us online at or give us a call at 812-425-6076.

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