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National Mentoring Month

Mentors make a BIG impact on our lives!

No one would be where they are without great mentors along the way. This #MentoringMonth, in 60 seconds or less, hear what being a BIG means to our mentors...

"Being a BIG provides the opportunity to see talent and abilities in someone else that they may not yet see in themselves and help bring those out." - Big Sister Andrea

"Being a BIG means being there to help a child grow into who they were meant to be while helping to show them how awesome life is. Being there through the highs and lows. And watching them grow into amazing people!  matched for 3 years now and it feels like so much longer!" - Big Sister Cassie 

"We both make each other better people! Being a BIG means so much to be a mentor because I had amazing mentors growing up." - Big Sister Emily

"Being a BIG is important to me because Demarius is constantly pushing me to be a better version of myself and I can only hope to be just as impactful to him. Mentoring is important on a personal level and on a community level. You are directly involved in helping the next generation grow to be the best versions of themselves. I can’t think of anything more impactful." - Big Sister Daryan

"Being a BIG is important to me because I know that I can make a true intangible difference in a child’s life. I have always said that I became a big because I could have used one so badly when I was a child. By giving that opportunity to a Little in need, I am creating a meaningful and fulfilling relationship that goes beyond just volunteering. Being a Big has given me so much joy and inspiration of what small acts of kindness can do for both a child and yourself." - Big Brother Kent

"Being a Big is important to me because Kevin and I grow with each other. I want to be someone he can count on in this critical time in his life. Being a high schooler isn't easy and I hope it gives him comfort knowing he can rely on me to give advice or just lend an ear. Mentoring is important for the community and having that impact can be so uplifting. I would encourage anyone looking to serve the community to give Big Brothers Big Sisters a chance to change your life for the better. " - Big Brother Jon

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