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Updated: Jan 31, 2023

At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwestern Indiana, we are excited to announce Chandra (Channy) Beck is coming up on her one-year anniversary with our program. Channy joined our staff in April 2022 as Child Enrollment Coordinator.

Her job responsibilities include interviewing potential Littles and their parents and working closely with other members of the staff to help establish matches. She is from Earlington, Kentucky. She attended the University of Southern Indiana.

In her last year, she says her favorite part of the job is getting to meet all the youth that come through the program and see how amazing they are. She has enjoyed supporting

her colleagues and championing the nonprofit however she can.

She loves attending match activities with both Bigs and Littles. She loves watching the creativity of each activity and the memories being made.

“BBBS is important because we have an office full of dedicated and hardworking people who truly care about our community,” says Channy. “These are the individuals who have used vacation time to connect with families or volunteers who are struggling, who have shed tears when someone is going through hard times, and has given so much of themselves because they believe in what the organization stands for.”

Channy can be described as empathetic and flexible. She loves going on adventures with her family to new places, trying new restaurants, woodworking or working on a craft, and spending time with friends.

She says that simple acts people do without the need for recognition make her smile. She likes to see people spread kindness by holding doors open for someone else, allowing someone to go in front of them at the supermarket, and more. Channy embodies the empathy and kindness we love to see at Big Brothers Big Sisters.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Big, visit

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