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Meet the Board: Rachelle Chrisman

Meet our Board! Rachelle Chrisman is the Vice President, and Treasury Management Officer for Fifth Third Bank and she’s also one of Big Brothers Big Sisters's outstanding board members. Before she became the woman she is today, she had dreams of becoming an attorney so that she could use her ability to clearly articulate thoughts and ideas. But the leadership skills she cultivated in her youth have served her well. Now, she uses her voice to advocate for the underserved and to advocate for change, growth, and shared prosperity.

During the day, Rachelle acts as a consultant for clients and potential clients for working capital and has been involved in the Evansville community for the past 20 years. When she’s not working, her passion for serving the children in our community shines. Rachelle believes that children are the future and when they have the resources they need for success, we all win.

She says, kids “deserve the best start to this life that is possible, our future is truly in their hands. Their parents and caregivers need support, and that is where we can help fill the gap with involvement through BBBS.” Ever an advocate for children, Rachelle uses her skills to dive into research to help make large decisions.

Rachelle always strives to be consistent, brave, and kind. She loves smiling and considers happiness to be her superpower. When she has free time, she loves to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, but she also loves to travel.

She loves reading, often preferring to forgo a movie if it means enjoying a good book. In fact, she doesn’t even own a television! But that’s not surprising when she tells us that growing up, she spent most of her time playing outside until the sun went down. Then her mom sent her to bed with a book to read! She just finished reading Dear White Friend: The Realities of Race, the Power of Relationships, and Our Path to Equity by Melvin J Gravely II.

While books nurture in mind and spirit, she enjoys foods that nurture her body. She loves to cook fresh, local food. And they’re very intentional about mealtime, preferring to spend their mealtime reconnecting and catching up.

Her philosophy in life is “no regrets”. Big Brothers Big Sisters has no regrets about inviting Rachelle to be a part of our organization!


Our Board of Directors are some of the largest advocates and supporters of our organization. We are grateful for an engaged Board of Directors who are committed to our vision for all children to achieve success in life.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Big, visit

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