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MATCH Moments

Match moments are our favorite things to share. Please read below to see what our matches are up to...

Big Sister Katie and Little Sister Estrella have been training for the Girls on the Run that took place at the end of April! These two trained separately and some things together! They decorated their bibs on the day of the race, added some color to their hair, and even dressed in tutus! Katie and Estrella finished the race together as a match and celebrated with some donuts too!


Big Sister Laura & Little Sister Catalina had a fun-filled Saturday! They started off by volunteering for Big Brothers Big Sisters at Mike's Carwash after that they had lunch at Yang's Shabu Shabu.

"It was delicious. Catalina enjoyed introducing me to the hot pot concept which I had not tried. It's one of her favorites" ~ Big Sister Laura


Big Siter Cailan & Little Sister Arielle had fun exploring the Evansville Museum of Arts, History and Science! Honey Moon Coffee Co. is always a good place for connecting. Thank you for sharing your fun match outing!


LITTLE HIGHLIGHT - Little Sister Jordynn just walked in her 8th-grade promotion ceremony, supported and celebrated by her mom and her Big Sister Denise. Jordynn was recognized for being an excellent band member and a silver scholar! Next year, she plans on exploring her passion for welding as a freshman at New Tech High School. Congratulations Jordynn!


Big Sister Emily & Little Sister Gracie had a fun weeknight outing! They enjoyed Starbucks for coffee and a beautiful walk on the Henderson Riverfront. "What a peaceful way to spend an evening after a busy day at work and enjoy the gorgeous weather." - Big Sister Emily


Big Sister Laura and Little Sister Deleah made some beautiful sidewalk chalk art! Laura ran into our Marketing director at a local coffee shop and was excited to share Deleah's artwork! Thank you for sharing!

Now more than ever, we need you to invest in the power and impact of mentoring. Because your gift is more than just dollars spent—it can positively impact the way a Big and Little experience the world together.

Thank you for believing in the power of mentoring. Your gift helps ignite the potential in our current Littles, and helps us create new lifelong friendships. Together, we are defenders of potential.

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If you're interested in being a Big, visit or give our enrollment team a call at (812) 425-6076!

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