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Match Highlight: Ashley & Caleb

Big Sister Ashley and her Little Caleb recently celebrated their one-year anniversary! They’ve chilled out at Ashley’s house and Caleb says he got a little sister out of the bargain, because he and Ashley’s daughter adore each other. They’ve navigated moves and an occasional missed appointment, but they’re closer than ever. Caleb says that Ashley is someone he likes to spend time with and someone that he can really count on when he needs help.

Ashley and Caleb have enjoyed a ton of new adventures together, including parades, games, a thrift-store scavenger hunt, mechanical bull riding and a trip to Holiday World. Ashley said she’s down for another trip to Holiday World, but she ISN’T going on any more roller coasters.

Caleb and Ashley are going to spend year two working towards decorating Caleb’s room in a way that makes him feel comfortable AND confident. They’re going to hit the local thrift shops and then some yard sales when it gets warmer so that he can find just the décor he’s looking for, but at an affordable price. We can’t wait to see what you two accomplish in Year Two!

If you're interested in being a BIG like Ashley, visit or give our enrollment team a call at (812) 425-6076.

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