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MATCH ACTIVITY: Evansville Thunderbolts

Seven Bigs took their Littles to see the first Thunderbolts game of the season! Some matches were seasoned hockey fans and knew to dress warmly and even brought earmuffs to stay warm. Some matches were hockey newbies, but they enjoyed trying to figure out what was going on down there on the ice.

Little Sister Jadelynn took a particular interest in the cheerleaders, so her Big Sister Libby decided to make sure that her Little had the best experience possible. She tracked down two cheerleaders and asked if they would come and talk with her Little Sister. They happily agreed! Jadelynn couldn’t hide her excitement as she chatted with them! October 22, 2021

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Thank you, Evansville Thunderbolts for supporting BBBS! Here is a note from the Evansville Thunderbolts, "We didn't get the win, but what a feeling to be back in the Ford Center and all our rowdy friends together again! Thank you to everyone that came out for our home opener! We are back in action!"

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