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January Match of the Month

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Meet Big Sister Judy and Big Brother Bill who are a Posey County Couples match. Judy got involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters because she was a teacher for nearly 30 years and wanted to give back to the community after she retired and Bill, a retired insurance agent of 50 years, wanted to be there for a young child in the community too! They wanted to be matched with a child who enjoyed being outdoors and liked some of the things they both did!

Bill and Judy were later matched with Little Brother Jacob in July of 2015. Jacob, a caring and polite little boy wanted a Big Brother or Big Sister that he could do things outside with and play video games with, so they were the perfect match. Jacob

thought it was GREAT he was able to have not one, but two Bigs that he could spend time with! While together Bill and Judy foster Jacob's academics, love of sports, encourage activities he likes, and attend band concerts and competitions in season. On top of all those things Judy and Bill love going out to eat with Jacob and coming back to their house to play pool, a pastime the three love doing together!

Throughout the course of their match, Judy and Bill have taken Jacob to various sporting events at the Ford Center, activities hosted by Big Brothers Big Sisters, and had many outdoor adventures together! Judy and Bill have loved watching Jacob mature and grow into a mature young man and find himself and build his confidence along the way. With the many changes in life, Judy and Bill have been there to encourage Jacob every step of the way. Judy stated that it's so rewarding seeing the excitement on Jacob's face when they are together and the countless laughs they are able to share with one another too!

When asked what she liked about Big Brothers Big Sisters, Judy stated that it's

a great program! She added that this "life is about loving others, giving back, showing kindness, and taking care of others." Throughout their relationship with Little Brother Jacob and Big Brothers Big Sisters, Judy feels she is able to do these things with her husband.

"Judy and Bill are always there for him when he needs it and that he loves doing things with them, especially playing pool at their house and grabbing Mexican food!" ~ Little Brother Jacob

If you are interested in becoming a mentor to a child, like Judy and Bill, visit us online at and ENROLL TODAY!

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