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Blog for Kids' Sake: Emily Patton

For the longest time I did a lot of talking about wanting to make a difference and wanting to volunteer and wanting to get involved, but that’s all it was – talking about it. It took me quitting a job and being determined that I was no longer making excuses for my unhappiness. I put my words into action and began volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwestern Indiana.

I am able to see my impact in my Little Gracie every time we hang out. It is amazing to hear how she is becoming confident enough to speak up at school functions, improving in her schoolwork, and branching out and trying new things. We are working on making friends with kids her own age as well! I love to mentor because I feel like I’m changing a life and having mine change right along with it for the better.

Coming up on April 1 and April 4 is the organization’s biggest fundraiser of the year – Bowl for Kids Sake. It is such a fun event and so important to keeping Big Brothers Big Sisters going each year. The reason Gracie and I are able to continue our relationship safely is because we have such a wonderful support staff at the BBBS office.

Evansville Bowl for Kids' Sake

Each participant must raise at least $30.

NEW FOR 2020: If you would like to receive a shirt, you must raise at least $50.

Bowl for Kids' Sake is our largest fundraiser raising over $50,000 last year. Participating is easy and a LOT of fun! Below are 5 easy steps you need to take to be a Bowl for Kids' Sake fundraising success! All proceeds from this event go to support the BBBS one-to-one mentoring programs in our area.

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