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Big Spotlight: Haley

Haley and Alanea

Meet Big Sister Haley! She’s been involved with the program since 2020 and matched with her current Little Sister, Alanea, since March 2022! She first heard about BBBS when her office, Kasey Fuquay State Farm, partnered with our agency on a community giveback program. Employees could donate $10 back to any non-profit of their choosing for every quote they gave. Haley picked us and we’re so glad that she did!

When asked why she wanted to volunteer as a Big Sister, Haley said “I’m an only child, so I loved the idea of having a “little brother or sister.” I thought being a mentor to a child in the community could be beneficial for both of us.” She goes on to say that being a Big Sister has really opened her eyes to the need for mentors in our community. Haley feels like she’s more self-aware of her actions, and how those actions positively impact others, especially her Little Sister!

Haley and Alanea love just hanging out together, getting coffee, shopping, painting masterpieces, and trying new things together. And through these small, consistent, monthly interactions, their friendship

has blossomed. Haley says that she can tell that her Little Sister has really come out of her shell and has more confidence. She goes on to say that “I feel that having me as extra support will hopefully help her make good decisions and reach the goals she has.”

Haley shows her Little that she cares about her by spending quality time with her. And she recently surprised her Little during her Alanea’s-5th grade promotion ceremony. It was a special day for Alanea, and Haley’s presence at this milestone moment grew their bond and proved to Alanea that Haley is an adult that will show up for her.

In addition to being a fantastic Big Sister, Haley does so much more for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwestern Indiana. She’s a constant advocate and encourages friends and family to get involved, to share our posts, to volunteer.

“Being a Big not only benefits your little but will benefit you as a person in many ways. Seeing how excited my little is every time I see her, makes me realize the impact I am having in her life. It is a super rewarding program that I encourage everyone to know more about!”

If you're interested in being a Big like Haley, visit or give our enrollment team a call at (812) 425-6076!

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