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What does it mean to mentor a child? Just look to Big Sister Denise and Little Sister Jordynn, who celebrate 2 years together this month! Denise and Jordynn first met early in the pandemic, and instead of having their match introduction in the comfort of a nice, cozy home, these two first met one another on a chilly October evening at a local park. By the time pictures rolled around, it was already starting to get dark!

Jordynn and Denise hit it off, right from the start and they jumped into match activities right away. They enthusiastically pursued Jordynn’s goal of learning about Japanese culture and their first outing including a Japanese restaurant and a trip to the Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library for all things Anime! They signed up for one of the first ever BBBS hikes at Audubon State Park in Henderson, KY, which is an activity that they’ve enjoyed on their own throughout their two years together. These two have done all sorts of things together, from watching The Adams Family 2 at the theater to washing dogs and cars together! In two years, they’ve successfully maintained their friendship through home renovations, career changes, school changes and address changes! No matter what, Denise and Jordynn find time for each other!

So, what does it mean to mentor a child? For Denise and Jordynn, sometimes it means providing a safe place to act goofy and silly, because even though life can be hard at times, there’s still a place for fun, games and laughter, even when you’re a grown up. Sometimes it means taking a self-defense class together so you can both learn how to stay safe as women. Sometimes it means grabbing a quick bite to eat and catching up because you’re both super busy. And most recently, it meant taking Jordynn to the North Band Invitational so that she could get a glimpse of high school life and feel more confident about the upcoming transition from middle school to high school, all while nourishing her love of music.

Thanks for being a wonderful mentor, Denise!

If you are interested in being a Big like Denise, reach out to our enrollment team or visit to learn more!

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