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Big Spotlight: Cole

Welcome to "Mentoring Moments," where we explore the inspiring stories of mentorship and the lasting impact of Big Brothers Big Sisters. Two years ago, Cole Woodburn's journey with Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) began when he stepped into the Evansville business networking community. BBBS had already gained a stellar reputation, but what truly ignited Cole's interest was witnessing the passion and dedication of BBBS advocates, especially Amanda, during the Heavy Hitters BNI meetings. Driven by a Powerful Mission Cole's decision to become a Big Brother was rooted in his deep belief in BBBS's mission. He wanted to give back and provide the same personal development and support he received during his formative years. Balancing Work and Impact By day, Cole works at Express Payment Network, a local payment processing company based in Newburgh, IN. However, his role as a Big Brother extends his reach beyond the corporate world and into the lives of local youth. Adventures in Friendship Cole and TyRie's shared interests, including basketball and a love for pizza from Azzip Pizza, have formed the foundation of their incredible friendship. Their conversations often revolve around their mutual passion for football. Witnessing Growth and Confidence Over the past few months, Cole has watched TyRie grow and gain confidence as he transitioned to the 7th grade. TyRie's willingness to try new things, like pineapple on pizza, is something Cole deeply admires. Bringing Change and Fun Cole's role as a Big Brother brings a refreshing change to TyRie's monthly routine. Their outings offer a chance to explore new places, create lasting memories, and engage in lively sports discussions. A Message for Future Bigs For those considering becoming a Big, Cole encourages you to take the leap, reach out to BBBS, and discover the potential to profoundly impact the life of a local youth. A Recent Match Moment "In our recent visit to Azzip Pizza, a cherished spot for us, and TyRie's beloved 'Westsider' pizza, we reconnected after a long summer. We also reviewed film from TyRie's last football game. But the excitement didn't stop there – I eagerly watched TyRie take on Memorial, and he delivered an outstanding performance!" - Big Brother Cole Woodburn

We're grateful for Cole's dedication to making a difference, one friendship at a time. Thank you to Cole, our fellow mentors, our dedicated board members, and our remarkable community for joining us in our mission to nurture the potential of ALL kids!

If you're interested in being a Big like Cole, visit or give our enrollment team a call at (812) 425-6076!

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