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MATCH HIGHLIGHT: Big Audrey & Little Mackenzie

Meet Big Sister Audrey and Little Sister Mackenzie! These two have been matched in our community-based program since March of 2022! Although they are new in the program, they have made memories, tried new places, and had many adventures!

Audrey signed up to be a Big Sister in our program because she wanted to contribute to the community in which she lives and stated Big Brothers Big Sisters was a great fit for her because she loves spending time with kids! At the time Audrey was working with Youth First, but has recently transitioned to a new area.

While together Mackenzie and Audrey have done a variety of things from creating artwork at Fired Up, visiting with animals at PetSmart and Pet Foods Center, at A LOT, visited church, spent time together on Audrey’s property, and recently a SkyZone Trip!

On each outing these two make sure to take a photo so they can look back on the countless things that they have done together and the memories they have created! As a Big Audrey wanted to make her time with her Little Sister more intentional, so they also write things down at the end of each meeting; where they went, their favorite thing, and what they learned. How cool is that! Some of the new things Mackenzie has learned is how to paint better and learned more about different types of cats whereas Audrey has learned that her Little Sister is very talented and smart through their outings.

Audrey and Mackenzie’s relationship continues to grow but so does the relationship with the family! Audrey makes sure to connect with the guardian too! Audrey and her family had dinner with Mackenzie and her family recently as a part of building a strong relationship! It was a way for Mackenzie’s family and Audrey’s family to meet, have fun, and just enjoy each other’s company. Audrey has also made connections with Mackenzie’s sister Big and they have had a group match outing! Audrey stated that it was good to see a different side of Mackenzie with her sister there and watching their interactions!

If you're interested in being a Big like Audrey, visit or give our enrollment team a call at (812) 425-6076!

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